Never underestimate the intelligence of a horse

A special relationship is emerging with my horses because of trick training.

When I first started with this training, I realized that I was building a language with my horses.  So to build a language meant that I have to keep track of the word cues that I would give the horses so I wouldn’t use different words each time from one day to the next.  For example, if I wanted my horse to smile, I would use the same word and not say another word the next time.  It gets confusing for the horse and for the handler.  I’ve had this happen even on my body cue.  If my body cue is different, the horse might see it as something different and not react the same as she was meant to.  So what I decided to do was keep a trick journal.  I write down the individual tricks, cues, and the reactions I am supposed to get from the horse.  It works, especially when I have taught my horse so many tricks that I am likely to forget what some tricks are.

While I am building a language for my horses, as I just explained, we need to keep the language consistent for the horses and us. As it is when we go to school, our language needs to stay consistent.  We need to work with the horses to remember what is requested and the proper response  from the horse.  Just like we went to school to learn our language, how to read, write, and speak.  Believe it or not, horses can do the same thing if we take the the time to teach them.
“How in the world can this happen?  I mean, horses reading and spelling?” you wonder?  Yes, a horse who can read, spell and even do math and lots more.
Beautiful Jim Key (Photo via Wikipedia)

Beautiful Jim Key (Photo via Wikipedia)

I’ve read a book that can prove that it has been done by a horse at the turn of the 20th century, named “Jim Key.”  This horse was like no other.  Despite the tremendous efforts of owner William Key, the mare that he loved so much died shortly after giving birth to Jim Key.  So this young horse moved into William’s home and lived there until Jim started to get too heavy and broke the floor.  But the strange part was the owner started sleeping out with the horse in the barn.  He was always with him.  He taught this horse so much that this horse could read, spell, count, do math, plus a whole lot more.  This proves that with time and determination we can teach animals to do big things.

There is a horse today that has the luck of being taught to spell names and to count with numbers.  Enjoy the talent of this horse in the following videos.

If you look on YouTube, there are still many more videos of Lukas, the world’s smartest horse.  He has so much love and proves that once we teach a horse how to learn, the sky is limitless.  There are horses who can no longer be ridden or people who can no longer ride, why not combine the two in a super-fantastic bond of friendship.  I work a lot on the ground with my horses and I thoroughly enjoy it.

I hope you enjoy my blog.  Please feel free to talk to me about the joy this blog gives you, or the questions you might have.

Thanks, and see you next time.

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