Finding intelligence in each unique horse

In my previous blog articles, I’ve led up to the point where I am with my horses today.  Last week, I discussed the intelligence of horses.  In the book “Beautiful Jim Key,” it tells the true story of a trick horse from the 20th century whose owner, William Key, taught Jim up to te sixth grade level.  He could do math, tell time, spell, count, and many other amazing things.  The truly amazing thing is that William Key did not cue Jim, he taught the horse to think these things through on his own.

William Key and Beautiful Jim Key

William Key and Beautiful Jim Key

What was amazing about this horse was when there were school children watching the show that Beautiful Jim Key was doing when William Key wanted the kids to do a spelling bee with Jim.  The horse won the spelling bee.  Jim could also do math questions, such as a problem directly out of a book read by William Key to Jim.  “I then asked him how much five times six less four was, and he hunted out the figure twenty-six,” William said. The thing that William Key was trying to teach people is that Jim Key could reason.

Here are links to some documentary stories that have been gathered about this horse’s reasoning skills.  This is really an impressive story of this horse.  Horses do reason.  Please take a look at some of this information about this magnificent horse.  His story needs to be remembered because he was the smartest horse who ever lived.

The next thing I’ll share is a look at a lot of images of Beautiful Jim Key.  You then get a feel for what he did back at the turn of the century.  I am totally fascinated with this horse’s intelligence and the fabulous trainer William Key truly was.

Images of Beautiful Jim Key

We do have horses today who are very smart and climbing in their learning to new levels.  Lukas the worlds smartest horse was discussed last week as well.  But there is more information about him.  Let us look a little further into his story and how he and Karen, his current owner, came to be.

I am also very fascinated with Lukas as well.  He is a terribly intelligent horse who needs to stay known.   So here is Lukas’ book about his life with Karen Murdock.

The story of these two horses is where I am heading with my own horses, but maybe a little diversity of my own as far as playing the piano and painting abstract art.  I will continue to see how far I can progress with Cheyenne in our own trick world adventure.  I hope you stay tuned, and please feel free to ask me questions and make comments.  I love this blog and telling you about what I do.  I will soon show you fully what Cheyenne can do, she is an amazing horse.

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