Snowman: Telling a rags-to-riches tale

I love to write about extraordinary horses and people who work with these horses.  I was planning on giving more information on my trick training when I saw information on Facebook about a documentary being done on this super horse named Snowman.
Harry de Leyer and Snowman

Harry de Leyer and Snowman

I read the book “The Eighty-dollar Champion: Snowman, The horse That Inspired A Nation” and was amazed by the awesome relationship between man and his horse.  Harry de Leyer used him as a nice lesson horse for a girls’ boarding school in Long Island, New York.  Harry would purchase some nice horses, but not too expensive, to use for lesson horses during the school year and resell them to good homes at the end of the year.  He sold Snowman only to find that Snowman only wanted one rider, by the horse returning home after jumping high fences to obtain his goal to arrive home.

Harry de Leyer was not a rich man.  In fact, he struggled financially so he could never buy the type of horses who could get him up into championship show jumping.  This was a rich man’s game.  Harry was a great rider but could never show off his jumping skills on cheap horses.  Until Snowman came along, Harry could never get into the prestigious jumping shows.
This is a rags-to-riches story of an $80 plow horse who was destined for slaughter, rescued by Harry, being late to the auction, and getting the last truck with rejected horses.  Harry looked into the eyes of this plow horse who had that special look in his big brown eyes that magically won over Harry’s heart to buy this poor, rejected plow horse.
This horse had talent and won many prestigious jumping shows and won the championship as well as the hearts of his fans in the 1950s.
This is an exciting book to read and I highly recommend it.

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