My unique horses who just happen to paint

Today I am going to let you in on a story about a really great trick that both of my horses do.  Both of my horses actually paint abstract art.

Gypsy shows her artistic ability.  (Photo by Randy Kroll)

Gypsy shows her artistic ability. (Photo by Randy Kroll)

There is a cute story behind it — about how I worked so hard to teach the one, Cheyenne, and all the while the other horse, Gypsy, was watching all this take place from the sidelines.  Because Gypsy was watching — intently watching, I might add — she basically taught herself how to paint on her own.  I just had to understand that she was getting it.  There came a day where I did finally look at her and saw that she was watching attentively and wondered if she herself wanted to try to paint.

I took her off the hitching post and brought her over and gave her a paint brush and she acted as if she had been painting for months.  She knew exactly what to do with that brush.  We learn more all the time how intelligent horses really are.  Gypsy is a great example to how she taught herself to paint by watching another horse do it.

Below is a link to a news clip with the story of my horses painting.  Enjoy!

Uniquely Utah: The horses who paint

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