Making a committed team

Well, now my horses can paint abstract art.  They do have some paintings that are ready to sell.  You are more than welcome to look at the art work on my Etsy account by clicking here.

My horses can also do other tricks.  In fact, Cheyenne can do over 40 tricks.  I started having a friend film me in the fall of this year so I don’t have that many YouTube videos yet.  But once we can put together more videos, I will be able to put more out there on what this horse can do.  Here is the first video I have had done with Cheyenne’s bowing.  There are a variety of different bows in the clip and I hope you enjoy watching Cheyenne and me.

Training Cheyenne to do all these tricks has become a great job for me.  It takes a lot of commitment when I want to go more professional with her doing shows and performing for birthday parties, family reunions, corporate parties, etc.  I have been working Cheyenne for about four years now.  We are a pretty committed team.  She knows me very well and I am getting to know her better.  Learning new tricks is becoming faster and easier.  I just have to remember to keep working on this trick over and over again.  But I have to keep working on it and all the others tricks which can make for a pretty busy training session.  Not only that, I have to keep it interesting to Cheyenne.  If I keep doing the same tricks over and over again and don’t have a variety, Cheyenne will get bored and start to refuse to do tricks.  So I have to shake the tricks up a little and bring some variety.

I would like to share a variety of photos taken  by my friend Randy Kroll with you on Cheyenne’s bowing trick.  Please, feel free to comment and keep communication open with me.

Cheyenne bow 1

Cheyenne bow 2

Cheyenne bow 3

2 thoughts on “Making a committed team

  1. There are steps that a trainer must take before teaching the horse how to bow. Basically we start out teaching simpler tricks to teach them how to learn tricks. Then as they pass kindergarten they move onto more difficult tricks. Usually we start out with simple head tricks first, simple leg and body tricks that lead up to a more complicated trick such as bowing. I hope this helps. If there are more questions please feel free to ask.


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