Cheyenne, the basketball and music ‘star’

This Christmas season, I am supposed to do a Christmas party show with my beautiful horses Gypsy and Cheyenne.  However, I can’t wait to start using my friend Tina’s miniature Poochie too, because when spring comes he will be an amazing performer.

What do I do at parties or celebrations with my horses?  Cheyenne can play basketball as well as play a piano.  “What,” you might ask, “Cheyenne can play a piano?”  That is correct, Cheyenne can play the piano.  But it is not just any piano, it is a large keyboard that she plays with her nose.  She can play a few tunes now — “Three Blind Mice,” “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” and “Joy To the World.”  The more I work with Cheyenne, she can learn even more pieces.

Cheyenne can also play basketball.  It is not a real basketball that she plays with, but she picks up a horse jolly ball with her teeth and puts it in the basketball hoop.  Cheyenne loves this trick and gets excited about performing it a lot.  Here is an image of her with a horse jolly ball.

(Photo by Randy Kroll)

(Photo by Randy Kroll)

I got a toddler basketball hoop and use that.  There are different sizes. I use the one that is five feet tall or taller.  It is the correct height for Cheyenne.  I cue her to pick up the jolly ball and she walks up to the hoop by herself, and then drops it through the hoop.

As for the jumbo piano, I use the floor keyboard that kids and adults alike play with their feet.  I tape it to a table, and with a marker I write down the key alphabet names large for Cheyenne to begin to memorize the key names herself.  I am still working on her ability to play nice tunes on the piano and how much she can actually memorize and learn, but I am not to that point yet.

Here is a video of Cheyenne playing the piano.  I don’t have her recorded playing a Christmas piece yet, so “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” is the song she is playing here.  You could think of the star of Bethlehem while watching to help get you in the Christmas mood.  She is also doing a little bit of basketball in the video.

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