Resolving to build an even better relationship with horses

Since we have made resolutions for the new year, we should work hard to make those goals a reality.  Like I said before, it takes about six weeks to build a new habit.  I have made a couple of resolutions myself that I plan to make into a new habit.

Poochie (Photo by Amy Miller)

Poochie (Photo by Amy Miller)

My goal is to continue working my horses and building a great relationship with the first.  I want my working relationship to be a joy for the horses as well as myself.  So a goal of mine is to work at understanding the horses’ thinking so I can understand how they see things.  This way I can get a better understanding or how their mind works so I can have an even better relationship with them.  After all, we are a team in what we do together.  Trick horses usually live longer, happier lives simply because they enjoy what they are doing.

I am working well with Cheyenne and taking lessons to develop a better relationship with my strong-willed alpha mare.  I am learning how she thinks and feels by learning her body language.  We learn to read the body and face language of the horse and each horse is a little different, but the basic language is the same.

Another goal is to gain more understanding of the minis I work with.  There are two minis who belong to my friend Tina Crawford (who does a great job with a lot of the videos you see in my blog) that I work with and I find it to be quite enjoyable.  One of the minis is a very smart little guy and I am finding out how quickly he learns and how much he enjoys the fun of doing the tricks.  Every horse has their favorite tricks and not-so-favorite ones.  This mini, Poochie, enjoys sitting up like a puppy dog.  He will do it over and over again for a treat.

I am teaching Poochie to play basketball by first putting a jolly ball into a bucket, then I gradually teach him to go higher into a little toddler basketball hoop.  But again, my goal is to get to know minis and learn about how Poochie thinks as well as little Shmigley. They both think opposite of each other.  Poochie is not spooky of anything and Shmigley is a spooky little guy.  I am trying to help him learn to trust me so we can have a great relationship together.  So far it is working and he is starting to really love it when I go out to see them.  I mean, who wouldn’t love to get yummy treats when they do fun games with me.

These are a few of the goals I have this new year with these horses.  I will let you see a new video clip with Poochie playing bucket ball, and where he sits up.

How are you doing in your new year’s resolutions?  Feel free to let us know.

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