There’s a new world out there for miniature friends

For the last two weeks I have been telling you about the two minis that I am working with, Poochie and Shmigley.   I have never had the opportunity to work with minis until the last couple of years.  I find the experience quite exciting.  It is fun to work with little horses as well as the larger version.  I am finding that they too have the same kind of mind set that the larger horses have, except that they look like dwarf horses.

Poochie and me.  (Photo by Tina Craword)

Poochie and me. (Photo by Tina Craword)

Shmigley and Poochie are enjoying the new change to their lives too.  Through my training, they’re seeing a whole new world.  It was like opening a door for them to see beyond their pen and small pasture.  I have taken them to two different indoor arenas, vet visits (that is not fun, but it is a new experience), other arenas to run to their little hearts’ content, and I am giving them a whole new friendship with me.

Shmigley is a very timid horse who never wanted to be caught.  He loves treats but would turn his little behind to anyone who tried to catch him.  We had to corner him and then he would reluctantly give in.  When I had him in a huge arena where he could gallop around, after a little romp he was very hard to catch.  Poochie would just walk right up to me, but Shmigley would act very timid and whomever was trying to catch him would have to start crawling around with a treat held with arm stretched out, hoping he would get close enough for anyone to grab this little Houdini.

But now with this new-found relationship, he is sticking his little head through the railing of his fence, nickering at me and wondering if I am planning on playing with them.  Now I look forward to playing with them, it is fun playing with them as well as my bigger horses.

However, while I am playing with the minis, my mare Cheyenne loves to poke her head out and watch us play, flashing a big grin here and there while trying to steal a treat.  My thing is that I usually play with the minis when my horses are eating.  But Cheyenne hears us playing outside her stall and pokes her head out and watches instead of eating a whole lot.  My other mare Gypsy takes the opportunity to eat Cheyenne’s food while Cheyenne is busy watching the entertainment.

The rewards these four-legged friends offer … priceless.

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