Communication or Motivation? Which do you think you need?

I usually write my own article for the blog, but this article offers an interesting point of view. I always want to look at many different ideas on how to train horses. Then I can try it and see how it works with my horses. They tell me whether it would a great addition to my training or not. Horses’ opinions are the best judge. I would love a lot of different opinions from you as well.

Horse Charming

Often when I am asked to help people with horses, or when I teach small groups about how horses learn, I ask the people participating what they most want out of the lesson or class.

Very often the first thing people say is that they’d like a better relationship with their horse and usually when I ask what that means they say that they wished their horse would listen to them more or they complain that they don’t seem to be able to get through to their horse or to communicate with him.

If your horse does not respond when you ask him to do something, generally or in specific situations, it is really useful to think about this from two angles.

Think about whether you have a need to improve your communication skills, or whether you need to improve your motivation skills. And in the moment, when you are with…

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