Getting the ‘barnyard Picassos’ back into practice

I’ve started having my horses paint again after a winter break.  Of course, they remember how to do it.  Through both the horses’ times at the canvas, they did very well remembering what to do.  It will be nice to see both horses start their head tossing and putting the different dazzling colors on canvas.

Gypsy shows her artistic ability.  (Photo by Randy Kroll)

Gypsy shows her artistic ability. (Photo by Randy Kroll)

Cheyenne and Gypsy both paint differently than each other.  Gypsy more often than Cheyenne tosses her head up and down, right and left.  That is why her paintings end up with nice long paint strokes.  After she does that she usually throws the brush.  I like to think that is because she doesn’t think I get enough exercise so I need to continue to stoop and get the brush back up off the ground.

Cheyenne, on the other hand, takes the brush and sweeps it along the canvas a couple of times before turning her head in my direction, hoping that I would take the brush.  Their paintings are unique, with a style all their own.  These horses are definitely mouth painters!

If anyone is interested in any of their paintings, the profits go to the care of the horses — more likely the vet care, since Gypsy is a senior horse and needs more check-ups.

Even the photos are for sale if you ever want to own one.

See their “Barnyard Picasso” work on Etsy.

Prints of Gypsy and Cheyenne's paintings made into bookmarks.

Prints of Gypsy and Cheyenne’s paintings made into bookmarks.

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