With a new season, things are picking up again with the horses!

Now that spring has sprung, things are starting to happen more for my horses and me.

big smileLast Saturday night was our first show of the season.  We put on a show for the Utah Horse Council Horse Expo here in South Jordan.  It is a big event that happens every year.  I happened to be an extra to get in to show my horses’ tricks.  There are usually so many people who want to show their stuff with their horses that the show slot fills up with people waiting to get in.  I was one of those waiting, but since there was a cancellation I was able to get in.

It is all-volunteer only, but it is a way to let the horse people see what you can do.  Especially if it happens to be something unique like we offer.  Gypsy was nervous and moving all over the place, but Cheyenne pulled through for me and did everything I asked of her to do.  Even the mini Poochie did very well in his first show.  I was proud of them all.  It was the first show so it wasn’t really smooth going but the main problem that I see is that when I a in a ring, a lot of times I forget a lot of the tricks that I am planning on doing.  So I am going to have to come up with a skit or maybe a couple of skits so the horses can’t out-guess me.  This way I will be prepared and won’t likely forget things.

I am very proud to say that the minis’ owner, Tina Crawford, has now built me a really nice website and it’s out there now at www.amymillerhorsinaround.com.

I am excited about the possibilities of performing, hopefully for many people.  Cheyenne really enjoys the times that we do perform so much that she always puts her own twist in it and becomes a ham and livens things up for me.  I love it, it makes it her show more than mine and that is all that matters.  Cheyenne is a happy girl.

Stay tuned!  I will keep you posted more often about things going on.  Let me know what you think of this blog, and thanks for reading!

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