So many horses, so little time

miniIn working with the horses, I find that I have so many things that I want to teach the horses, so many different things that I am thinking about trying — making out a sheet with the week all filled out on what I teach on which days of the week.  I need to ride Cheyenne, teach her all her natural horsemanship drills, and work on all the tricks as well as practice piano and painting.  Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed with all their schooling, especially when I have four horses to work with.  Two horses and two minis, to be exact.

I enjoy working with the horses, but sometimes I feel as if I don’t have enough time to do it.  Since there are four of them to work with, I have to figure out the amount of time I have to work with each individual horse.  There are times I feel as if I need more hours in a day to work with each individual horse/pony and to give each one more time since they have so much to learn.

So when you start training your horse tricks, be prepared — there is sssooooo much that you would have to train your trick horse, it keeps you very busy.  Trick training takes time when you really want to master it.  It really could keep me busy enough to make it into a full-time job.  Unfortunately, it is not making me enough money to where I could afford to turn it into a full-time job.  But I am hoping that the horse business will pick up.

I am hoping that this is the year that the horses will be more popular and get some more shows for people and their families.

Stay tuned and keep watching for follow-up.

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