Dealing with a miniature extrovert, other issues

I have been continuing to go to my natural horsemanship lessons so I can learn as much as I can.  I learned this week that Shmigley’s extremely spooky, and that I need to put in a lot of hours with this little miniature pony.  The reason is because I need to break through the barrier of his fear, work with him enough to convince him that I am not someone to fear but that I am his partner.  I am also giving him some extra magnesium.

Shmigley (Photo by Amy Miller)

Shmigley (Photo by Amy Miller)

Does anyone have a horse that seems to be extra spooky and can’t seem to get them to move from point A to point B?  That is what it seemed like with me.  Shmigley’s “horsinality” seemed to be an extremely right-brained extrovert, meaning a very spooky horse who feels the need to move his feet.

Actually, I was supposed to have a riding lesson with my own horses yesterday, but last week while I was driving home pulling the horses from a lesson, all of a sudden a big clanging sound emerged from under my hood and more on the right side of my Tahoe.  I pulled over and turned it off.  I then restarted it hoping that the sound was just a fluke.  I really was praying that it would straighten itself out.  But the noise started up again.  I called my husband John (who admits to not being mechanically inclined) and he came to my aid and figured it was a problem with a spark plug wire.  But now I have been stranded without my Tahoe for over a week.  We can’t seem to find a mechanic who is willing to come to our home to fix the Tahoe as well as our car, which has been sitting with a broken serpentine belt.  I was beginning to feel like the saying goes, “when it rains it pours.”  There was one mechanic who was going to fix it for us at our home but the day he was going to arrive, he was not able to make it.

I am hoping that my Tahoe is fixed very soon and that I am able to pull my horses once again either to a lesson, or a ride in the mountains.  I am praying that this happens very soon.

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