Reaching goals with Poochie, the smarty mini

I have been talking a lot about the mini Shmigley, but I have not talked much about Poochie.  Poochie is the opposite of Shmigley and not spooky at all.  He is more of a bold mini, loves to get into everyone’s personal space.  So I have to do things opposite of his brother and try to teach Poochie how to stay out of my personal space.

I need to teach him how to respect my space and not be so obnoxious with his overbearing attitude about people.  The thing about him is that he is genuinely, superbly ingenious among the miniature horses.  He definitely keeps everyone who comes around him well informed about his brilliance between his ears.

Poochie shows how handsome he is sitting up.

Poochie shows how handsome he is sitting up.

When I go to train Poochie, he comes up to me and shoves his little nose up against my abdominal region begging for treats, even if I don’t have any with me at the time.  I usually just thrust his nose away and continue to do just that the more intrusive he insists on being.

Since I have started working Pat Parelli’s natural horsemanship on the minis, I love what the training procedures do to help me build a healthy, solid relationship without me thrusting my way of doing things onto these little horses.  It is better for me to learn how to more correctly speak a language that they understand, that helps us co-exist where we become partners instead of someone is the boss and the other is the servant.  Instead, we become a benevolent leader and the horse or mini decides on their own to yield to my leadership and it is a remarkable thing to see.  I have seen it in Cheyenne.  Here is this magnificent, spirited, proud alpha mare standing in front of me, yielding leadership to me.  She is starting to do some horsin’ around with me free at liberty.  This is the kind of relationship that I want to have starting with Poochie.  I have to succeed at conquering his trust gradually to my side and see him absolutely trust me as his alpha.

As for now, in the moment, I need to continue to work towards what I want to achieve with this little smarty mini and slowly become and build an amazing friendship with him.  It would be an awesome time to be able to eventually get all the horses to a higher level, perhaps a level four in the Parelli method.  Horses are very connected at that level, and that is my goal.

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