Enjoying an awesome day of horse training

Wednesday was an awesome day with Cheyenne.  Now that I am in a new location, there are lots of things for the horses to get used to.  I worked Cheyenne in the small indoor arena, where they get particularly nervous.  To start out with, she did great and didn’t get nervous.  As time went on, she did get more nervous but then she did get better before I took her out to work her in the larger outdoor arena.

My fun mare Cheyenne.

My fun mare Cheyenne.

Cheyenne loved to bow a lot.  She would go down into a deep bow and stay there for quite a while … well, as long as I was giving her treats.  Another thing she loved to do was lay down, which she did quite a bit as well.  However, there was the one point where she stayed down on the ground for quite a long time.  I would give her treats, and I found new places to scratch her on her body.  I once scratched her on her neck close to her ears, and she moved her head up just a little into my scratching as if she enjoyed it, then she nickered at me a couple of times.

I then worked with her at liberty and she stuck with me the whole time except when I asked her to do figure eights around the barrels.  I don’t think she understands what I wanted because she doesn’t do well on it at liberty.  But she does well on-line.  As far as following me at a walk and a trot, she did all that as well as change direction with me.   I then got a lot of her toys out — pedestal, basketball hoop, jolly ball, etc.  I did a lot of the tricks at liberty.  I used to play with her at liberty long ago before playing in a pasture.  She was free to leave if she didn’t like the tricks at all.  But Cheyenne loved it.  I think she would have played with me all day.

But I had two other horses that I had to work with, including sweet little Gypsy.  I rode her around bareback and with a halter.  I couldn’t trot or canter her because she has an arthritic pastern in her hind hoof.  It is frustrating not to have the funds for her shot in the pastern.  It has to be put on hold again while I hopefully find new ways to get more money.  I worked with her on her seven games in natural horsemanship.  She craves attention, love, and games.  She is an awesome little horse.  I took her to the pedestal and asked her to approach it and eventually how close she could get to getting on it.  She tried with one hoof to put it on.  But she didn’t go any farther because I thought it would take time to get her more used to it.  Don’t rush, take it at their pace.

The last horse I worked with was sweet Bella.  I did all seven games with her and then, out of the blue, decided to hop on her back without a saddle or a bridle, a daring moment for me.  I hopped on and then let her just stand there.  She was relaxed and she did lower her beautiful head and do some licking and chewing.  I eventually asked her to move forward, which she did.  She was not used to the idea of me asking her to turn with a halter rope but the more I rode her the more she understood.  I even asked her to turn the way I turned and used my feet.  It was amazing to ride Bella bareback.  I didn’t ride her too long, but I did get on her a second time to help solidify my training.

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