Building a relationship with horse takes time

One day last week when I went out to work with Cheyenne, I put the halter on her as usual and led her out of the field.  I took her to the outdoor arena, and she was a little slower than average but I didn’t think anything of it.

When we got into the arena, Cheyenne started to do a lot of bowing, extremely low bows.  She did this over and over.  I thought, “Wow, if she is going to do low bowing for longer periods of time then that is good, and I will giver her lots of treats.”  So I did!

Amy and her girls, Cheyenne and Gypsy. (Photo by Randy Kroll)

Amy and her girls, Cheyenne and Gypsy. (Photo by Randy Kroll)

I finally decided to have her do another activity, but she continually wanted to keep bowing.  When I decided to have her do something else, I then noticed that she was limping on one leg and was not moving very fast.  How sad, and confusing to why my beautiful horse was limping and sore.  So obviously, I could not do much with a lame horse.  Cheyenne was so sore that she wanted to keep me happy by doing a lot of bowing for me.

I then decided to put Cheyenne back out in the big field because I didn’t want to stress her because she was hurt.  I don’t know how she became sore because I didn’t work her hard at all the day before.  But something happened so she needed to rest.  I worked more with Gypsy.

While I was working with Gypsy, Cheyenne was outside the arena watching almost like wishing she was the horse being worked and loved on.  I did have a private riding lesson student who rode Gypsy and she did a great job.  However, the sad thing with Gypsy is that she can’t trot or canter with a rider.  She has arthritis in her pastern and walking with a rider doesn’t bother her.  She needs a shot in the joint for her treatment, but at this point I can’t afford it.  I just work with her on what she can do without pain.  She loves being worked.

Alas, Cheyenne was standing outside the arena watching.  I feel bad now because I should have massaged her leg or something.  I did stretch her leg, but I feel like I should have done more because I love Cheyenne so much.  She is a great horse even though she does have a small sway in her back from birth I guess.

I am working hard to build a great relationship with Cheyenne.  It does take a lot of time to do that, but I love the work with her.  Even liberty is fun when she does walk and trot with me.

I’m just sharing the thought that in order to build a relationship with your equine friends, you need to spend long hours with your trusty steed.

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