My book about horses painting makes a great Christmas gift

I have been away for a while because we moved from our home of nearly 20 years into an apartment, and that took a lot of my time.  That’s another story.  But since it is now time for Christmas, I have a book that could make a great Christmas present.

book coverIt has a story line that I have experienced with my horses that I think kids — and even adults who are horse enthusiasts — would love.  It is about the time when I was so diligently teaching my one horse Cheyenne to paint.  However, off to the side was my older mare Gypsy, every day, watching this project going on involving teaching Cheyenne to hold the brush and to be able to sweep her head in different directions with the brush.  So all the time this was going on, Gypsy watched.  Finally, I got a glimpse of Gypsy starting to fuss in a way that brought me to the conclusion that maybe she wanted to paint.  Can horses learn from each other to do something?

This book is a look into that very question of how one horse inspired another horse to paint and how the senior mare ended up being a faster artist and seemed to enjoy her work more than the first artist.  But the story doesn’t end there.  There are beautiful photos of the horses (taken by my friend Randy Kroll) and I doing art and training together, and it’s beautifully designed by my talented friend Tina Crawford.  It is a story that children and adults can enjoy together, a look into my day in the life of a horse trainer/trick trainer.  I am told by people who already have bought the book that it causes them to feel as if they personally know my horses and me.

One review from Amy Hagedorn in Arizona said, “I recently purchased ‘Teach Me To Paint: A Story of How One Horse Inspired Another Horse to Learn to Pain'” by Amy Miller as a gift.  I am very glad I did!  The book is delightful and inspiring.  Amy has captured the horses’ personality so well through her words and photos you feel so connected to Gypsy and Cheyenne. What a great book for any child in your life.”

I strongly feel that children of all ages will really enjoy this beautiful, well-designed picture book of horses enjoying creating art.

Please contact me here or email me at if you’d like a copy.

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