My horses’ works of art: Gypsy’s ‘Citrus Fruit’

Over the Christmas season, I sold about four of the paintings done by my horses.  I am very excited about the possibility of the paintings starting to get recognition.

The story of my two horse artists is unique in the fact that while one of them (Cheyenne) was learning, the other (Gypsy) wanted to try it so badly that she taught herself by watching Cheyenne while she was learning.  But I have not seen another trick that I have taught Cheyenne that Gypsy  wanted to learn as much as painting.

This week, I’ll be talking a bit in the blog about some of my horses’ paintings.

The painting I’m featuring today is called “Citrus Fruit.”  Gypsy painted this one.  I would ask other people that I know to tell me what this painting reminded them of.  A lot of comments came back about this painting resembling citrus fruit, so that is how this title came to be.  Since I am an artist myself, I wanted to use colors that will blend when the horses start sweeping new paint over as well as blending through other colors.  I had Gypsy sweep a lot of colors up on the canvas, then I encouraged a lot of brushing with a wet brush up and down the board to get the really wet, dripping effect.  My horses paint these themselves, while my job is simply to put the colors on their brushes for them.

I have found this painting to be a popular one, but it has not sold yet.  So this painting is priced at $50 plus shipping.  Along with this painting comes a beautiful 8×10 of the artist painting so there is proof of the horse painting it.

Here is a view of my Etsy account, continually being updated with new pieces.!httpswwwetsycomshopbarnyardpicasso/ch8a

And here is a link to the piece featured today.!httpswwwetsycomshopbarnyardpicasso/ch8a/en/product/id/193609399

Thanks for looking!

Citris Fruit Gypsy

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