My horses’ works of art: Cheyenne’s ‘Flaming Hope’

“Flaming Hope” is a painting that Cheyenne did when it was close to the Christmas season one year.  It has Christmas colors in it with varying greens and reds.  It is a nice size, 16×20.  It would look very good in a black frame to bring out the abstract colors.

The variations of the reds and greens brings out the contrasts of the two complementary colors, which is really a comfort to look at.  However, I love to be reminded of the red and green colors out in nature while hiking along mountain trails.  The Christmas colors remind us of two wonderful colors complementing each other.  Here is another way to think about it:  Christmas also represents the birth of a savior coming here as a babe to save all humanity.  So this painting can mean there is a flaming hope for humanity for the people here on Earth.

“Flaming Hope” is priced at $50 plus shipping.  You may purchase it from my Etsy account and that might help me build up more recognition on Etsy.!httpswwwetsycomshopbarnyardpicasso/ch8a!httpswwwetsycomshopbarnyardpicasso/ch8a/en/product/id/193613255

Thank you!

Flaming Hope Cheyenne

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