My horses’ works of art: Cheyenne’s ‘Flower Garden’

Here is a painting that Cheyenne did that resembles a beautiful flower garden.  Flower gardens can provide a way to help people relax.  However, gardens are also ways that horses can trample and eat some unique tasting foods.  There are flowers that are harmful to horses, but this is a little humor of horses trampling and eating from people’s gardens,  Horses love it, but people … well, not so fun.

When I was a kid growing up on a farm, we had a very big garden and sometimes the horses would get out and get into the garden.  I do remember my dad putting an electric fence around it.  Horses learned in a speedy way to respect the electric fence.  Kids who dared to touch it learned not to touch it again either.  Even I touched it just to see what would happen if I did.  You can imagine that I didn’t touch it that often.

But getting back to this painting, “Flower Garden” — flower gardens are great for people who have a green thumb.  This painting is a 16×20, and the cost is $50 plus shipping.  You could buy it off of my Etsy account at!httpswwwetsycomshopbarnyardpicasso/ch8a!httpswwwetsycomshopbarnyardpicasso/ch8a/en/product/id/193616296

I love hearing from readers and getting to see your point of view.


Flower Garden Cheyenne


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