My horses’ works of art: If not an original, why not go for a print?

Here is a painting that Cheyenne did and it sold not long after she did it.  This painting was started was when I was doing a painting demonstration for the Salt Lake County Fair.  So Gypsy did make a few strokes on it but the majority of the painting was done by Cheyenne.  I put it up on Facebook and it sold rather quickly.

I love the blues and orange colors in this painting, but blue and orange are complementary colors on the color wheel.

What does this painting make you think of?  I think of beautiful gardens with colors that really grab people’s attention when they see such beautiful shades.  Or I love to see such beauty in the mountains on the trails, again this lets all of us know how beautiful God’s creation is in nature.  We get a glimpse of God in nature, in our animals, and even in our loved ones.

Even though this painting is sold you can get prints from this painting.  There are just plain prints on nice thick stock card or on ready-to-hang thick board with hangers on it.  They’re in different sizes and shapes.  Along with these prints or paintings you get free photo prints of the actual artist painting.

Please feel free to comment about what you think about these paintings and let me know if you would be interested in a print.!httpswwwetsycomshopbarnyardpicasso/ch8a


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